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SM2500  Diazo Film Developer

Visitek is pleased to announce the availability of a new diazo film developer for the graphic arts industry, especially geared for printed circuit board manufacturers. Guide-flat feeding eliminates jams and curling during single pass developing.
This microprocessor-controlled machine offers the following numeric features displayed on an easy-to-read digital vacuum fluorescent readout:

·1 Infinitely varying of the film throughput speed from 10" to 46" per minute, includes a switch to reverse the film rollers

·2 Variable shot timing of a self-contained ammonia metering pump - from 2 to 60 seconds

·3 Adjustable temperature settings from 120ºF (49ºC) to 210ºF (99ºC)
With these features, the operator is able to easily adjust film speed through the developer, amount of ammonia being pumped per minute, and temperature at which the film is processed.

These three parameters are cycled on the front panel display menu. Each can be changed to new values by actuating the UP-DOWN selector switch. The default mode on the display continuously indicates actual temperature inside the ammonia chamber.

A feature new to the Visitek range of diazo film developers, the SM2500 contains a squirrel cage exhaust blower venting ammonia fumes sealed within the machine into a factory supplied filter; or it can be vented into a building exhaust system. This feature eliminates any objectionable ammonia smell emanating.
Throat Width
25" (635mm)
up to 46"/min. (1168mm/min.)
Warm-Up Time
5 minutes
Temperature Range
120-210ºF (49-99ºC)
120VAC, 60Hz (4 Amps)
240VAC, 50Hz (2 Amps)

Width 43" (1092mm)
Depth 5" (127mm)
Height 5½" (140mm)
Weight 25 lbs. (11 Kg)

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