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Diazo Developers V-18

The V-18 Diazo Film Developer employs a unique, one pass-through Ammonia Vaporising System. It can't leak, spill, overload or leave a residue - and it doesn't require constant cleaning! It works perfectly and consistently so that you get perfect copies every time. Our Guide-Flat feeding makes it virtually jam-proof. Material is inserted into the leading edge rollers, follows a flat path and exits at the rear. You are never left waiting for the copy that somehow didn't make it through.

And remember… for maximum workloads, production can easily be doubled by inserting the exposed copies into the rollers back to back; emulsion up and emulsion down.

Specifications V-18
Throat Width
17½" (444 mm)
Capacity per Hour
Width 24½" (666 mm)
Depth 5" (127 mm)
Shipping Weight
15 lbs (6 kg)
Warm-Up Time
10 minutes
Selectable Temp. Range
140-250ºF (60-121ºC)
Power Requirements
120V, 60 Hz (4 amps)
240V, 50 Hz (2 amps)
Automatic Metering Pump
This accessory is available to be used with the V-11, V-18, and V-24 machines which develop diazo film. It is especially useful where the film loading is sufficiently high, making manual pumping undesirable. The injection rates of ammonia are at timed intervals and are selectable over a range from one second to one minute duration.

When using the metering pump, full strength ammonia (26 degrees Baume) can be diluted with distilled water at two parts water to one part ammonia. The injection rate of ammonia can be matched to varying throughput rates so that the film is properly developed on a one-pass basis.


7½" (190 mm)
Depth 3¾" (95 mm)
2" (50 mm)
Weight 1.5lbs (0.7kg)
Shipping Weight
3 lbs (1.2 kg)
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